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About me

Hi, my name is Hania and I teach Polish as a foreign language. I am also the founder of FishKoi - Polish Language School for Foreigners. I graduated in Russian philology (University of Wrocław) and then I went to Krakow and got a master's degree at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies, with a specialization: in Eurasian Studies (Jagiellonian University).

Why I Teach the Polish Language?

It all began with the Language Exchange Club Wrocław. With a colleague, we wanted to have some more real practice in Russian (we were studying Russian philology then) and we concluded that such a language as "exchange - Russian for Polish" could be something valuable. Back then, I was already drawn to teaching and finding better ways to learn languages. During my studies, I started giving Polish language tutoring to Russian-speaking people. Philology gave me knowledge about the structure of the language, therefore switching to the second Slavic language was not a problem. Later, I started working in one of the Polish language schools and acquired a lot of valuable experience in teaching groups there. It was a fascinating time for me, filled with challenges. It was a thrilling experience to teach people from the most remote corners of the world! Throughout this time, I was perfecting the teaching technique and looking for new teaching methods.


The way of

Lifelong learning is the way to keep learning all the time how to learn and how to teach others. At the beginning of my teaching career, I used to teach my students based mainly on the leading textbooks. We worked with the students chapter by chapter, but as it quickly turned out - that way of learning was not entirely satisfactory for both parties. I needed a change so I started to look for other methods of transferring knowledge. After some time I stumbled upon Dogme and Task-based learning. The idea behind these two methods is to focus on the real language needs of the students. In addition, students can suggest their ideas for the next Polish language classes, thanks to which they learn topics that are interesting to them or important for the given moment. Such an approach makes the trainee feel involved in the whole learning process, and as we know, it is the internal motivation that is the leverage to every success

My hobbies

During my high school and college years, I hitchhiked a lot around Europe. Eastern European countries fascinated me the most, so I chose Russian philology to be able to communicate while traveling to the East. Kyiv made a huge impression on me - I guess it will always remind me of the smell of church candles and incense and… the taste of homemade kvass. Georgia and Armenia are countries of incredibly hospitable and sociable people, with great cuisine and the weirdest taste of tarragon orangeade. I've also been to Russia, with which I have ambiguous associations. The mentality, contrasts, and ethnic diversity fascinated and overwhelmed me at the same time. I traveled across Siberia by the Trans-Siberian Railway and by hitchhiking, Baikal was my destination. I've always dreamed of seeing this lake with my own eyes. The presence of shamanism and the omnipresent cult of sacred streams with healing water, groves, and hills associated with the great shamans of Buryatia added magic and mystery to this place.

I haven't traveled that far for some time, and every day I realize my curiosity about the world by teaching Polish to foreigners. Each student is an individual story. I am very grateful for the fact that I can help students express themselves, their interests, and what is important to them in Polish. 

My other "hobby" is actually... an ordinary life. As simple as that. I like to eat large and filling breakfasts. On the way to work, I love to listen to Eckhart Tolle or Krishnamurti. In the evening, to calm down before going to bed, I often walk and take pictures with my phone. I love to travel through forest paths by bike or on foot, it regenerates me and motivates me to act for the next week. All those little things and routines, create me and my story, can't wait to hear yours from you!


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