Fish/Koi means flashcards!


Fish/Koi means flashcards!

Flashcards are an effective method of learning foreign languages

Flashcards are two-sided cards that are a common and effective method of learning foreign languages. Thanks to the flashcards, you know exactly what you have to improve and work on.

Thanks to the flashcards, learning Polish will be a pleasant and efficient process for you.

We highly recommend this form of studying to students who want to learn more vocabulary quickly and effectively. We use them quite often in our Polish courses. This is a good way to revise materials from previous classes. It doesn’t matter what level you have, this method will work. Moreover, learning Polish with flashcards is fun and engaging. In addition, you can check your knowledge of Polish words and structures. Thanks to the flashcards, you know exactly what you have to improve and work on.

You can buy the flashcards at any well-stocked bookstore, but we recommend to make them by yourself for two reasons. First of all, the very process of creating flashcards is the beginning of learning words and expressions. Second of all, you don’t have to spend any money.

How to make flashcards yourself?

You can do it on your own. Just write a word and examples of using it in a sentence in you native language on one side of the card. On the other side, translate it in your target language. We can make them more attractive by using colors or our own pictures, which will certainly make it easier to remember. We recommend usage of handwritten flashcards especially to kinesthetic and visual learners.

Online flashcards

Online flashcards, which you can also create by yourself, have become popular for some time. They are much more convenient, because we have them with us all the time (on the phone) and we can learn from them at any time, e.g. when we go to school or come back from work.

Below are links to websites and applications where we can learn from flashcards for free or for a fee:

Canva –
Quizlet –
Flashcards World –
AnkiDroid flashcards –
StudySmarter –
Fiszkoteka – (gotowe zestawy fiszek)
Brainscape Flashcards – (ready-made flashcard sets)

Learning Polish does not have to be difficult and tedious, thanks to flashcards you will easily absorb new words and expressions in a very short time.

If you also want to learn Polish at a language school – we invite you to our group courses at FishKoi!