Polish Summer Courses

You’ll start speaking Polish with us!

Polish Summer Courses

Immerse yourself in the language and increase your Polish language level!

What does the summer course look like?

  • our priority is to teach you to speak Polish fluently
  • our classes are based on problem-solving scenarios and everyday tasks
  • we discuss a variety of interesting topics that are tailored to the level of the group
  • outdoor classes
  • we will go on a walking trip around the city
  • you can meet new people from all around the world with us
  • our classes are organized in a comfortable room in the center of Wroclaw
  • we provide certificates after a finished course
Do you want to see what our classes are like?​

Intensive Summer Course in 2 weeks

Regular price: 1 690 PLN
Now: 1 250 PLN
Intensive Summer Course nr 1
From 10.07.23 until 21.07.23
Free spots: 3
Monday- Friday
Intensive Summer Course nr 2
From 07.08.23 until 18.07.23
Free spots:4
Monday - Friday
Intensive Summer Course nr 3
From 21.08.23 until 01.09.23
Free spots:4
Monday - Friday

One-term SummerCourse

Regular price: 1 790 PLN
Now: 1 390 PLN
Group A1/A2
From 03.07.23 until 27.09.23
Free spots: 4
Days Hours
Monday/Wednesday 18:00 - 19:15

Evening Summer Course in 2 months

Regular price: 1 390 PLN
Now: 990 PLN
Group nr 1
From 02.08.23 until 27.09.23
Free spots:5
Days Hours
Monday/Wednesday 19:30 - 20:45
Group nr 2
From 01.08.23 until 28.09.23
Free spots: 6
Days Hours
Tuesday/Thursday 18:00 - 19:15

polish summer courses

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