5 ways to learn the Polish language by yourself


5 ways to learn the Polish language by yourself

How to start?
ways of learning Polish for free

One of the right ways to approach learning Polish on your own is to turn to your interests, hobbies, something that is important for you at this moment. It makes the process much easier if the topics you study are interesting and valuable for you. You will take in material a lot better if its information is relevant.

Thus, we offer to make a list of questions that you’re interested in. Topics can be related to your occupation or educational sphere. It can be anything that is vital for you.

Once you’ve chosen your topics, let’s get down to business.

Below we have described 5 effective ways of free learning all by yourself. So, let’s get started!
  • Listen a lot! It can be podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows or songs in Polish. Listening of you target language is the first and most important step to succesful studying.
  • Read out loud! Reading helps to learn new phrases and form sentences in the proper way. Moreover, reading out loud helps you to memorise new words. Speak out loud! Say to yourself what you’re doing now, what you are about to do or what you did. You can mix studying Polish and personal development up by using affirmations in Polish. It’s a great combination of what is enjoyable and good for you at the same time.
  • Change the language on your devices! Try to surround yourself with Polish as much as possible in your daily life.
  • Watch movies, series and videos on YouTube. At first, try not to turn on subtitles in Polish, because reading is the second tip! Watching videos without subtitles makes your brain analyse and understand what you hear.
  • Take notes and write down the words which are new and useful for you, and most importantly – use them right away.
Below you can see some affirmations to help you self-study Polish:

Studying Polish is easy and enjoyable for me
Learning Polish by myself is effective and useful
I’m enjoying the process of learning Polish
Every day I understand more and more
I speak Polish better and better

Here are our propositions on how to study the Polish language at home for free. Although, you must remember that persistence and dedication are the vital clues for success.

If you need additional support and motivation for studying, we are inviting you to our Group Courses.In classes we use an interesting and effective method Dogme.